New Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Community Fruit Rescue

Please read the Information for New Volunteers page to learn about how to volunteer with us and how to use our online volunteer sign-up system.


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Returning Volunteers

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Apply to be a Harvest Leader

Become a Harvest Leader volunteer during our August-November harvest season and make a difference in the most delicious way possible!

At Community Fruit Rescue, we're on a mission to save fresh, local fruit from going to waste and make a positive impact in our community. As a Harvest Leader, you'll be at the forefront of this movement, leading a team of passionate volunteers on fruit-picking adventures to rescue surplus fruits and nurture a culture of sustainability.

By joining this dedicated team, you'll get hands-on experience in coordinating fruitful harvests, working with local tree stewards and volunteers, and fostering a sense of community through these residential fruit rescues.

Together, we'll transform Boulder's abundance of fruit into nourishment for those in need, reducing food waste, promoting food security, minimizing conflicts with local black bears, and helping to build resilient communities.

For the 2023 season: At the end of the harvest season, Harvest Leaders will receive a $30 expense reimbursement for each harvest led.


Interested in helping out but can’t be a Harvest Leader? We have lots of other opportunities to get involved! Don’t hesitate to reach out to